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Monday, December 03, 2012

Back in the saddle

Alright, I'm still not quite ready to give up on this whole blogging malarkey quite yet.

While I've been away we've been all good. I've been retweeted by Mark Colvin and Robin Ince, spent a lot of money on plumbing, seen a bunch of bands that were big in the 80s and planned most of Big Trip 2012/13 (key date Jan 12th, for my pre-40th birthday pub in London's glittering West End).

Kids are beautiful, M is great, no complaints at all.

I did notice this morning that B1 pronounces horrible as 'orrible. I was about to correct her before I realised that she gets it from me, and I got it in turn from my dad. Nice how these things get passed down.


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