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Monday, August 27, 2012

A post of the "What I did on the weekend (non) variety

In a (very) bored moment the other day I was looking at some old Revelations posts and I noticed that many of them are of the "What I did on the weekend" variety. Perhaps one of the reasons that the frequency of my posts here has tailed off recently is that the weekends have become somewhat predictable, consisting of 4 key elements:

1) Grasshopper Soccer
B2's Saturday morning football school now doubles up as a chance to chat with my mate Gary, whose son Nick also attends. Next year they will probably join the local team and continue their inevitable rise to Messi-style superstardom. (B1 is expecting to take up netball next term).

2) Shopping
At some point we will always end up in the local mall, which depresses me rather.

3) Kid's Party
There's always a party somewhere, this weekend it was Harry's 5th birthday which B2 attended dressed as a dinosaur despite the fact it wasn't fancy dress. I'm assuming he'll grow out of that.

4) Bushwalking
A nice bushwalk is our default option when we have nothing better to do. Free, healthy and fun is a good combination, and we are close to a few great areas.

This weekend's variations included a fun play with Dani and Todd, some idiot smashing our car window for no particular reason while we were watching said play, and a sewage pipe overflow in the back garden.


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