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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Not even a distant green light to be seen

M was up in Newcastle on her Masters placement last night, so I was on Bs duty. I fed and bathed them, B2 went to sleep perfectly and I left B1 happily playing in her room. She usually plays for a wee bit before going to sleep, and she always keeps her lamp on because she is fearful of the dark.

I wandered downstairs, idly wondering whether to watch a DVD or play a computer game when...plink! Blackout.

Cue loud, desperate wailing from B1's sanctum. I found my way up to her and gave her a cuddle and some reassuring words, which slowly changed her screams to quiet muttering, by way of choked sobs. I carefully carried her downstairs, found a matchbox and candles and made for my bedroom.

After a brief lesson in the nature of electricity and its incompatibility with rain, all ended happily with B1 sleeping in bed next to me while I read The Great Gatsby by candlelight.

M is busy tonight so I'm in charge again. Here's hoping for a quiet night.


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