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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Bub & Blighty

It’s been a real relief to have had the 12-week ultrasound and finally go public on M’s pregnancy. We’re both still sooo excited in a floaty kind of way.

To answer some common questions:

1) June 20th ish.
2) Barnaby/Barney Edward or Elizabeth/Beth Sarah. Most people are therefore hoping for a girl.
3) We’re not sure yet whether we’ll wait to find out the gender or to get the news at the next ultrasound. Can we bear not knowing?
4) We’ve got the ultrasound pics but I haven’t put them on the web yet, sorry.
5) Yes, thanks, it’s marvellous having a designated driver for the next 6 months.

Other major activity revolves around the trip. We’re off to Canada tomorrow for Christmas, and I’m vv excited at the whole thing. Luxury hotels, the Rockies in winter, fine dining and good company; what’s could be more exciting? Well, seeing all our chums in Blighty of course. Most people reading this will already be lined up for something, but if you’re not then get in touch – or be at dirty Dick’s on Bishopsgate on the evening of Jan 7th.

Jaunts mean even less updating time than usual, but hopefully we’’l see you soon anyway.Merry Christmas and all that. xxx