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Monday, March 19, 2012

Mission Accomplished

It's Sunday, M has work to do. Initiate "Get Operation Out of Mum's Hair"!

Stage 1: To the bus stop
 Stage 2: Bus trip to Hornsby

 Stage 3: Lunch at the bakery
 Stage 4a: Fun at the One World festival - plaster painting

 Stage 4b: Fun at the One World festival - Chinese calligraphy
 Stage 5: An exciting bus ride home

Thursday, March 08, 2012

I Care Because Gillian Does

The gigtastic year kicks on, with recent trips to those old haunts the Enmore Theatre and Hordern Pavilion to take in Aphex Twin and New Order respectively.

I’ve had mixed experiences with Mr Twin in the past, the nadir being a night at the much-lamented Astoria watching a laptop on a table playing headshredding techno. In contrast, Friday’s set involved a fantastic light show and laugh-out-loud funny visual trickery. Musically, it started off as beefed up hip-hop beats, mutated through a range of styles more familiar to the facially hirsute cognoscenti than to my indie-boy ears, and ended with a thrilling all-out aural assault.

I couldn’t identify a single tune, but it was ace. 

The sadly Hookyless New Order provided an opportunity to catch up with old mates and dance like a fool to reworked versions of all the classics you would expect, plus a couple of unexpected pleasures like 586 and Elegia. Another winner.

Next up Elbow, whom I once saw supporting New Order at the Olympia in Liverpool. 

Monday, March 05, 2012


M nipped off for 10 days to visit our friends Sara in Utah and Kari in Washington State, leaving me to kidwrangle. I must admit I was apprehensive but thanks to three things.

1) The Bs being lovely.
2) Family and friends rallying around to help with picking up from school/daycare, feeding times etc.
3) Nothing going wrong. If either of them had developed so much as a mild rash on the elbow I think I would have undergone a meltdown.

The highlight was, in the end, our final day before M got back, for which we sojourned to the Blue Mountains. We first took in the Botanic Gardens at Mount Tomah, then the lookout at Govetts Leap and finally a hot chocolate in a cafe in Leura. A long day but a lovely one.