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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Beth swimming (video)

Beth swimming (video)
Originally uploaded by Tom Goodfellow
Tomorrow we head off to Europe for a white Christmas in Switzerland, followed by a whirlwind trip to Prague and, er, Brentwood. So excited!

Consequently, we've had to cram in a lot of our Christmas socialising this week with all of the expected toll of increased alcohol and decreased sleep. On the weekend we had M's work do on Friday night, Saturday breakfast with friends, Saturday lunch at a kid's birthday party, Saturday night hosting a barbie for friends, and Sunday family Christmas with M's family.

I had lots of fun despite having to hold my tongue a fair bit; acupuncture, Catholicism, horoscopes, climate change denialism and racism all featured at various stages. I sacrificed principle for social harmony and let it all serenely wash over me, then had a rant on the sofa on Sunday night.

The video is from the family Christmas. B1 was a slow starter on the swimming front, but as you can see she's really enjoying it these days. By contrast, B2 is a natural fish.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Catching Up

Bs (video)
Originally uploaded by Tom Goodfellow
Ridiculously busy at the moment. The Whitlams was good, Jarvis Cocker was better, Christmas socialising is reaching fever pitch and we're off to Europe in less than 2 weeks.

As for the Bs, well, they're just gorgeous and more fun than ever as you can see from this wee video.