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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Genius letter about Karadzic

It's a slippery slope: you start with genocide and before you know it you're practising alternative medicine. It shows the importance of catching these people early.

Tom Sheldon

(A few days late but brilliant and worth passing on. From The Guardian, of course.)

Where the heart is

Well, another trip to the UK over (my 4th in a little over 2 years!) and, as usual, I feel exhilarated, melancholy and exhausted by the experience.

Exhilarated because we had a wonderful time. The focus was very much on spending time with the family, but we still managed to squeeze in some gigs, 2 plays at the National Theatre and a few piss-ups along the way.

Melancholy because I won't be home (sic) again for another year. My Dad's health is in decline, so I don't know how he'll be in summer 2009 and it was a real wrench saying goodbye to him this time round.

Exhausted because the kids are still jetlagged and I'm back at bloody work, so no sleep and lots to do.

We've also arrived home to no internet, so I haven't been able to add photos to Flickr yet. Here are a few to keep you going: