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Monday, October 18, 2010

$175 reduced from $632

M was in Canberra this weekend for a girls' weekend, so I had the Bs to myself for 3 days. I was somewhat worried beforehand as their collective energy levels exceed mine by several quanta, so I had images of myself collapsed on the sofa as they charged around spraying ice cream on the walls and eating poster paint.

As it turned out we had a great time. I guess my parenting skills have improved (unlikely), or they have reached an age where we can all enjoy conversation and, crucially, they can entertain each other while I take a more, er, supervisory role.

Anyway, I took a few snaps (more on Flickr).

We went to the park:

Had lunch at the RSL:

Went to the shops where I briefly lost this...

...because I was distracted buying these:

And throughout it all the Bs remained thoroughly adorable:

Although I was relieved when M got home.