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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Wedding Planner? Maybe not.

I don't normally do meme posts, but this one from CW got me thinking. The question is "What 5 comedies would you take with you on a desert island?". I take that to mean movie/TV/standup on DVD, and I'm will use my prerogative to extend it to CD stuff too - you can play that on a DVD player, right?

1) This is Spinal Tap - the funniest film ever
2) The Philadelphia Story - always a joy
3) Totally Bill Hicks - visionary, angry and beautiful
4) The Complete Round The Horne - for when only a futtocked grunt will do
5) The Complete I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue - Samantha is the perfect sex symbol for a castaway

No Shaun of the Dead, Woody Allen, Pink Panther, Ealing, Young Frankenstein, Father Ted....feck!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Depressing, really depressing and depressingest

Lots of films this week, which is always a good thing. M & I watched a film about the firebombing of Tokyo and the slow death by malnutrition of two children who are orphaned in the carnage. It is, of course, a cartoon.

At my
film course we saw a black & white movie about a crematorium worker in wartime Czechoslovakia who gets turned on by the dead, betrays his friends to the Nazis, kills his wife and son and finally goes off to help design the death camps. It is, of course, a comedy.

I also watched the cricket, which was the most depressing of the three by some distance. Sigh.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I'm in love with a search engine interface

I can't remember the last time I've felt so uptight before a sporting event as I do today, the eve of the Ashes. I imagine it's all the build-up that's getting to me, and the fact that if Australia walk it I'll be suffering taunts for the entire summer. Can England keep it alive? I hope so - neither team are as strong as they were last time but my lot are looking particularly fragile. I hope it's still a contest in January, when I'm going to a couple of days at the SCG.

My brainwashing of Beth as a future Barmy Army soldier begins tomorrow.

"Say Flintoff"
"That'll do"

I've got to attend a bloody training course all day tomorrow, so I won't even be able to listen to the day unfold. It's a disgrace I tell you. the course convenor is a pom too - I've had words.

In other news: she's sassy. she's beautiful, she's a librarian (kinda) - she's Ms Dewey. I'm in love!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Feeling sentimental

My Baby Girl - John Martyn

My baby girl
She's the sweetest in the whole wide world
She wears her hair way up in a curl
Just to show she's my very own baby girl.

She says: Daddy will you sing for me
Daddy try to swing for me
Daddy play your strings for me
She says: Daddy don't you cry for me
Daddy will you fly for me
Daddy will you try for me.

My little Miss Wisp
She makes my heart feel tight like a fist
A number one girl in most every way
When she pulls my strings, you've got to give her her say.

She says: Daddy will you sing for me
Daddy try to swing for me
Daddy play your strings for me
She says: Daddy don't you cry for me
Daddy will you fly for me
Daddy go and try for me.

My tiny dream
She makes me feel like a cat with her cream
She shines and bubbles like the clearest of streams
She makes me know it's not as bad as it sometimes seems.

She says: Daddy will you sing for me
Daddy try to swing for me
Daddy play your strings for me
She says: Daddy don't you cry for me
Daddy will you fly for me
Daddy go and try for me.

My baby girl
She's just my baby girl.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


How beautiful is she? Lovely. And the kid's not bad either, etc. (I've just posted a whole bunch of photos at Flickr).

I'm feeling very glum and homesick today. It's too darn hot here and life is a little dull. I need a night with pommie mates in a dodgy London pub drinking beautiful room temeperature beer. Lots and lots of beer.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

You've been Yo La Tengoed

Life has been busy, hence my lack of posts in the last few days. I’ll try and get better. We’ve been up to Avoca with mates, planning for the Sydney Festival and St Jeromes Laneway Festival, hosting barbecues and I went on a pointless 3-day training course on something I’ve done twice before.

Beth is getting more beautiful by the day. She seems to understand quite a lot of what’s going on these days, but her vocabulary is still largely restricted to an enthusiastic “Hi!” and a equally excitable “Bye!”. She has a very cheeky manner and is testing boundaries with abandon. I’ll get some photos posted asap.

Deadwood on DVD and lots of books.

I’ve got Brownhorrocks on my extension. Something nasty’s come up.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I'm really chuffed with this - what a sadsack

First up I was mentioned on the Grauniad's football website, and then there were the uncredited contributions to Corrections & Clarifications and the Descartes gag in the diary. I have now finally reached the pinnacle of my left-leaning Berliner correspondence by having my name actually printed on the letters page of the actual paper, with actual ink. It's on a pleasingly bloshie subject too. Read the 1s and 0s version here - it's the 5th letter down.