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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bye bye bats

As a boy I always imagined bats as elusive creatures, occasionally glimpsed flitting by a street light on a winter’s night. They epitomised mystery.

Sydney’s flying foxes have always had a different idea. In the city’s botanical gardens, they hang brazenly from low-hanging trees in the glaring sunlight. I have enjoyed showing this sight to visitors, who are invariably gobsmacked.

I was sad, then, when I heard that the botanicals bat colony will shortly be no more. They are being “dispersed” because they are damaging the flora, which is understandable if regrettable.

I popped down the other day with my mum and the Bs to say farewell. Nobody knows where the bats will end up after the dispersal begins in a fortnight, but I hope it is a place where I can go and visit them.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Another blog hiatus, simply because nothing particularly noteworthy has been happening. Well, a few things but mainly along the lines of having a new kitchen installed which don’t even interest me, and it’s my kitchen.

All this is about to change, though, with a run of trips now imminent for me, M and the Bs.

1) Road trip to Thredbo with Mum. She is visiting for a few weeks so I’ve got some time off work. Thredbo is bas a ski resort, so going off season means we could get some pretty swish accommodation on the cheap. It looks beautiful down there, if a little chilly, and we’re right next to a swimming pool if all else fails. Jigsaws, books and DVDs will provide relaxing entertainment in the evenings.

2) 4 wheel drive camping trip with the Player collective. I’ve never done anything like this before and I have no idea how either me or the kids will enjoy it but what the heck. I’ll try anything once except incest and country dancing, as they say.

3) Big Trip 2011.Already very booked up for the next UK visit, involving 2 weeks in sunny Bristol with family types, a week staying in central London and a week in Toulouse. (London types, drop me a line). Also scheduled are gigs from the Flaming Lips and (yes!) the mighty Pulp, a possible flying visit oop north, and even a wedding. I love a good wedding, me.