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Friday, December 28, 2007

Not much happening

Nothing much going on, hence the lack of posts. All that's happened since last time is:

1) Hosted a pre-Christmas barbie for 20-odd people. Failed to set Father-in-Law alight as at previous occasion. Much fun.

2) Interviewed someone famous in Oz for a magazine article. Very odd experience, more on this later.

3) Flew from Sydney to Tokyo with 2 children for a night in an airport hotel. Remarkably smooth.

4) Flew from Tokyo to Heathrow, kids were fine but by this time M&I were a little frazzled.

5) Heathrow to Brentwood in a hire car on the M25. By far the most stressful part of the journey.

6) Caught up with Mum, Dad, sister, niece etc. Unspeakably exciting.

7) Round-UK trip to Manchester, Lake District, Edinburgh, Durham to visit family. Discovered car journeys take much longer when toddler toilet breaks at shonky services are required at regular intervals.

8)Christmas with all 3 grandkids - very special experience for all concerned. Beth's favourite present was a digital freaking camera. I dunno, back in my day etc.

9) A few get-togethers with very dear friends. Never enough time.

10) Saw Sir Ian McKellen's todger in King Lear. General consensus was that it was a classy but flawed production of an odd but (obviously) brilliant play.

11) A churlishly unseasonal bug worked it's way through the family causing the runs (B1), vomiting (B2)or both (me). Luckily the effects were shortlived and it happened when we were safely based in one place rather than on the road.

So there you go. More theatre tonight, then a cottage in the Peak District with friends for New Year, straight to Centerparcs with family, onto Bristol with my sister, then back to London in time for an Arsenal match and the next day a flight to Portugal...will post when possible.

Feeling exhausted but exhilirated.

Happy New Year, y'all. xx

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Happy Mithras Day, One And All