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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Retroblogging; Christmas miss

I have been intending for ages to create a series of Retroblogging posts detailing the various events of Christmas and New Year but it feels like rather a long time ago now and writing it all up feels like a chore. I’m finding it hard enough to motivate myself here, so instead I’ll go for a briefer style to cover the period and attempt to blog more fully from now on.

More pictures are available on the Flickr page.

So, memories of the festive season:

Nana’s visit. My mum was here for a few weeks including Christmas, New Year and her birthday, which made for a lively period. We also took in 3 nights in Adelaide and a trip to the cricket.

Bs. It felt like a real luxury to have a month away from work and spend nearly every day with the kids. B1 is learning how to ride a bike without stabilizers, B2 how to use a light sabre.

Food. We had some really amazing food at fancy restaurants. Honourable mentions to Apothecary 1878 and the hotel in Adelaide, but the best of the best was the Berowra Waters Inn. It was my first chef-hatted dining experience, a 4 ½ hour degustation lunch no less, but it was the location and service that really made the experience memorable. It’s in the bush so maybe the insouciant manner in which the waiter swept a huge spider of an unknowing customer’s arm before stamping on it shouldn’t have impressed me quite as much as it did.