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Monday, August 22, 2005

Oh well, whatever, nevermind

Don’t panic, as a very wise book once declared. All well here in trans-generational baby land, my folks are still having a spiffo time with Beth. I took all of last week off and we took the chance to head up to the Blue Mountains for a few days, which was as refreshing as ever. I took some video footage which I’ll try to edit and distribute asap.

Beth is smiling at everything right now, which is a delight. She is growing up a bit too fast for my liking, but everybody feels that about their kids I gather. She’s sleeping pretty well too – not perfect but we can’t complain.

6 degrees from me to Kurt Cobain (as pointed out by Nick)!
1) My mate Big Andy
2) Andy’s brother Phil
3) Phil’s wife, who used to date…
4) …Steve Coogan
I’ll let you add in the gruesome finish.

Listening to Teenage Fanclub, watching old gangster films, still reading bloody bloody bloody Clarissa (400 pages to go)…

If I had three lives, I’d marry her in two – The Whitlams

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Call me biased if you will, but Beth is definitely, positively the cutest baby that ever lived. She has started smiling quite a lot now and it’s just soooo adorable. My Mum and Dad (aka Nana and Grandad) arrived from England on Thursday so they have been able to spend some time getting to know her too, which they are both enjoying. It also gives M the chance to have a doze when she needs to and Nana can take care of the baby.

We’re also using the grandparental presence as an opportunity to get out and about a bit while we have in-house babysitters. Probably off to the movies tonight, and it’s Dani’s birthday on Saturday and a Teenage Fanclub gig next week.

I’ve taken next week off work too, so I’ll be able to do some stuff with the folks. We’ve booked a couple of nights in the Blue Mountains which is always a treat, a chance to get our hiking boots on and breath in the fresh air whilst changing a nappy on a eucalyptus stump.

Footie starts this weekend at last, and needless to say the Ashes are getting me very excited, so that’s good. Watching Gilda, listening to Edan and M.I.A., and reading the monstrous tome that is Clarissa – a mere 550 pages to go!

Don’t cry baby, it’s out of character. xx

Monday, August 01, 2005

Wrong Spray Merely Freshens Attacker

Not too much to report, other than the fact that Beth continues to grow more wonderful by the day. Call me biased, but I refer you to the proof provided at

We had quite a social weekend, with guests on Saturday and Sunday. I rather overstretched myself cooking-wise but the meatloaf was pretty good and the Turkish chicken casserole was rather splendid, even if I do say so myself. Also got to speak to various London mates, which was a pleasure of course.

Mum and Dad arrive from the (ahem) motherland on Thursday for a month, yippee! 2nd test on Thursday, Charity Shield on Sunday, Teenage Fanclub in a coupla weeks, Willie Wonka in September – things are getting exciting!